Personal Physicians provides long-term, comprehensive care to our patients and we are committed to preventing disease and injury and ensuring your health and wellness. We strive to provide the latest and largest range of health care services, and our physicians stay current on continuing medical education annually in order to offer patients the most up-todate and innovative care.


NOTE: Not all services may be available at each location. Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.


Services We Offer

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Allergy and Immunotherapy

Attention allergy sufferers: long-term allergy relief IS possible! Our allergy protocol treats more than just your symptoms, we treat your allergies. Our on-site allergy clinic makes it convenient to get tested, get treated, and to start feeling better!

Our allergy clinic is here to help. The first step in taking control of your allergies is conducting an allergy test. You will be tested for 48 allergens specific to our geographical location, both seasonal and perennial. We test for molds, trees, grasses, weeds, animals, and insects. Your allergy test appointment will take approximately 1-1.5 hours. Once the test has been administered it takes about 15 minutes for positive results to appear and you will get your results on the same day. The allergy testing (Skin Prick Test) is non-invasive and not painful. The testing device gently abrades the skin’s surface with the allergens being tested for. Most insurance plans will cover allergy testing and treatment. Your insurance policies will be verified prior to testing. Once we know what is causing your allergies, we can explore avoidance techniques, oral medications, or immunotherapy (a long-term solution).

The benefits of immunotherapy include enjoying life without the daily dependence on over-the-counter allergy medicine, long-term results (it is the only disease modifying treatment for allergies), and a decreased chance of developing allergic asthma or reducing the severity of existing allergic asthma. Feel free to ask any of our providers about further information or visit the United Allergy Services website (

Minor Surgeries
We offer minor surgeries such as mole, wart, and skin tag removal and procedures such as suture removal.
Joint Injections
We offer cortisone injections to the knees and shoulders.
EKG, PFT, Nebulizer Treatment
Our offices provide EKG (an electrical picture of the heart), PFT (a pulmonary function test that measures breathing capacity), and nebulizer treatment (breathing treatment that helps to open the airways).
Blood Draw
All labs can be drawn in-house. There is no need to go elsewhere to get blood work.
We provide Tetanus, Influenza, Zostvax (Shingles), Gardasil (HPV), Hepatitis A & B, Mengenoccal, Varicella, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), and Polio vaccinations.
Office Gynecology & Pap Smear
Our offices offer general gynecological visits for annual check-ups and birth control. We will refer you to Gynecology if necessary.
Sports & School Physicals
We provide physical assesments and check-ups for students and/or athletes ranging from kindergarten to college age. These physicals include, if necessary, recommended pediatric vaccinations and all necessary lab work.
Preventative Screening
We offer preventative care such as wellness visits, cancer screenings, vaccinations, and more.
Ear Irrigation
We offer ear irrigation services, which are used to remove wax build-up, resulting in better hearing ability. This is a commonly used service by our patients with hearing aids.
Coumadin Clinic
Conducted by a single finger-stick procedure, there is no need to draw blood. These services are provided in-office, with or without a physician visit.
Medicare Wellness Physicals
We are an approved facility for your Medicare annual visit!
Pulse Oximitry
We provide Pulse Oximetry as in-house service, in order to monitor percentage levels in your blood.
STD Screening
Our offices provide STD screening, including screens for Herpes, HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Human Papoloma Virus (HPV)
We also provide tests for Tuberculosis (TB) and vision tests.

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